'2013_01_april_1968.jpg', 'title'=>'April 1968', 'medium'=>'oil and acrylic on panel', 'description'=>'This painting has lots of sentiment and tells a meaningful story for the couple who commissioned it.', 'dimensions'=>'39" x 39"', 'status'=>'custom commission, sold'); $images[] = array( 'filename'=>'01_the_highway_has.jpg', 'title'=>'The Highway Has Always Been Your Lover', 'medium'=>'oil and acrylic on panel', 'description'=>'This piece was conceptualized from a photo the client had seen. After discussing colors and imagery, I staged the reference photo using a friend\'s car and my wife\'s lovely legs to get the final composition for the finished painting.', 'dimensions'=>'60" x 60"', 'status'=>'Custom commission, sold'); $images[] = array('filename'=>'02_lunch.jpg', 'title'=>'Lunch', 'medium'=>'oil and acrylic on panel', 'description'=>'People ask me if I do portraits; I do. This is my style of a family portrait. The piece features the mom and dad in the car; their daughter in the foreground as the car hop.', 'dimensions'=>'60" x 48"', 'status'=>'Custom commission, sold'); $images[] = array('filename'=>'03_lamborghini.jpg', 'title'=>'1971 Lamborghini Miura', 'medium'=>'oil and acrylic on panel', 'description'=>'This painting features the client\'s restored 1971 Lamborghini Miura. The finished piece now looks great hanging in his garage in front of the actual car.', 'dimensions'=>'67" x 39"', 'status'=>'Custom commission, sold'); $images[] = array( 'filename'=>'04_before_we_abandoned.jpg', 'title'=>'Before We Abandoned It Out West', 'medium'=>'oil on panel', 'description'=>'Another take on a family portrait. Nathan Chapman is a record producer, writer and session musician, hence the ink pen in his hand. Nathan\'s dad used to write song lyrics while riding around in a similar car. The western landscape came from Nathan\'s wife, Stephanie, being a fan of Bob Dylan; "we drove that car as far as we could, abandoned it out west".', 'dimensions'=>'84" x 60"', 'status'=>'Custom commission, sold'); $images[] = array('filename'=>'05_1635_miles.jpg', 'title'=>'1,635 Miles', 'medium'=>'oil and acrylic on panel', 'description'=>'This is a painting of a couple\'s daughter; lots of depth and story in this one.', 'dimensions'=>'48" x 48"', 'status'=>'Custom commission, sold'); $images[] = array('filename'=>'06_our_little_secret.jpg', 'title'=>'Our Little Secret', 'medium'=>'oil and acrylic on panel', 'description'=>'A family’s portrait of their daughter enjoying the water.', 'dimensions'=>'41" x 41"', 'status'=>'Custom commission, sold'); foreach($images as $image){ ?>

All commissions begin with original photos as reference material for the final painting. I usually stage my own photos, or, the client is more than welcome to provide them. I work closely with the client so no detail is left out, literally. When we decide on the subject matter, size, and the perfect composition, the painting begins. Below are commissions I've completed for collectors of my work. Whatever custom painting you want; whether it's your favorite gal, guy, kid, or object, please give me a call or email and we'll discuss ideas for your original, custom commission painting.